Hey guys! We’re the Ruiz Family (Zac, Katie, Fox and Grizzly)!

We were just a normal Southern California family living in a small apartment when we asked ourselves, why are we here? When neither of us could really give a good reason for staying, and with no future of owning a home for ourselves in CA, we decided it was time to move. We desired to be in a place that would allow us to live the more self sustained, and free lifestyle we craved.

We are completely supported by our Etsy Shop, which we are constantly creating new items for, and for our home as well!

Please join us as we embark on our long journey ahead!  We will be keeping you updated here on our blog as well as on our Instagram– @DenForOurCubs, and Facebook.

-The Ruiz Family


The two of us have been married for seven years now, and we have two little boys! Our newest little guy is Grizzly Stone, who is almost 7 months old, and our older son is Fox Huckleberry, who will be 3 in July! When we lived in Orange County CA, we just became so sick of the way things were for us there. We were never able to go on vacations, never really did any of the “cool” things you’d imagine one would get to do frequently living in southern CA, we were just kind of stuck in this limbo of working all the time JUST to survive living in our small apartment!  We never had money to go do anything extra-curricular, so we would just work more and more, hoping that eventually some extra money might magically appear, and allow us to buy even a small $500,000 home (which would be a SCORE for southern CA).  If you’re not familiar with the current population of Orange County, CA, there are nearly 4 MILLION people living JUST in that county alone! The thought of raising our two boys in that kind of extremely crowded environment, and trying to scramble to get together at LEAST $1,700 a month to be crammed into a small apartment until we somehow made enough money to buy a house with a current median price of $780,000?!  No thanks.  It would literally never happen anytime in the foreseeable future!  So, in July of 2016 we found a large rental home in Aztec, New Mexico, (where I, Katie, grew up, but no, you’ve never heard of it).  It seemed like a nice place to go! My family lives there, it’s right on the border of New Mexico, and Colorado, and, most importantly, there is a lot of open space!! So, we both quit our jobs,  and headed off into our new, unknown life…


We had started an Etsy Shop back in 2014 listing various crafts that we had made for children and the home.  At the beginning of 2016, the shop started actually doing decently well, so we decided upon moving that we would attempt to take it on full time! We were both pretty terrified, to be honest, and if not for our faith in Christ, and believing that there’s an all knowing God watching over us, and guiding us, I don’t think we would have actually gone through with it all!

Buying a house was always on our TO DO list, and house prices in NM were a MUCH easier pill to swallow than the prices in CA.  Buuuut wether it was $150,000 or $750,000 it was more than we had!  Borrowing either amount, and having to be locked in on a home that we may not want to be in 2 years from now, just seemed ridiculous to us!  Our goal in moving to NM included getting out of a small amount of debt we currently have, building our business, and becoming financially stable! Taking on even the reasonable amount of $150,000 worth of debt seemed to be going against our ultimate goal. of paying OFF our debt!

Our Solution?  Well, upon finding out that my mother had, at one point in time, put an acre of her land in my name, we started looking for the easiest, cheapest, and fastest way to get onto that land! We came to the conclusion that buying an older camper to update within our small budget we had, was indeed the easiest, and cheapest way.  That way we could move onto the land without having to install a utility pole, water well, or septic tank right away.   Another plus side to getting on the land quickly is, we wouldn’t have to pay rent anymore!  Yay!!! That would be a large amount of money each month that we could use to pay off our debt, put into savings, or use on all of our projects for our future living situation. The downside is, we currently have a house FULL of stuff! We both feel that (at least temporarily) a minimalist-type lifestyle is for us!  We think it will actually be a healthy change, and will allow us to focus more on what is important in life, and, hopefully, grow us closer as a family!

So now, we begin our journey with, once again, a lot of unknowns! One thing we can be sure of is, we will all have each other through the process!

Thanks for following along, and I hope you enjoy the process as well!

-Zac, Katie, Fox and Grizzly


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