Barn Wood Countertop

We looked into so many options for our new countertop!  And let me tell you, there were A LOT of options! But with a large reserve of beautiful barn wood at our disposal, we would be CRAY. ZEE. not to use it for this project!

I really love using old wood, since anything you make out of it can never be exactly replicated, and is 100% unique. With all the different patinas and paint patterns, the countertop is gauranteed to be one of a kind!

I picked out the boards I liked most and set them aside. I did a light sand on them to remove any loose paint, and help the grain to pop a little.  I kept the old countertop so I could use it as a guide for all the holes and edges in the new counter.  I just laid it right on top of the boards and traced it out!

Once I had it traced, I just followed the lines with my skill saw,  and made sure the sink fit properly into it’s newly cut hole.

A few screws later, and I had it securely mounted to the base!

I coated it with a spar urethane, and thats when I knew that choosing the Barn wood route was a good idea! Now, there were just a few other small things I needed to do to make this area look bomb!  First, I had to drill new faucet holes, of course.  Then I added the white backboard, which made it look much cleaner! And lastly, I repainted the sink, stovetop and hood all black to REALLY make the countertop pop and add a fun contrast!  Looove how this area turned out!  I still may add a back splash behind the stove in the future, but this will do for the time being!

Definitely a one of a kind countertop!  It’s not perfect, and the craftsmanship is less than impeccable (because i’m not ACTUALLY a trained wood worker!), but it’s ours, and we are loving it!


I still have some minor things to do to the countertop, and we still haven’t decided what to do for the faucet yet, but it’s all coming along great!


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