Camper Wood Wall

Measure. Cut. Drill. Repeat.

That was basically what my life consisted of for two entire days, but it was well worth it! Here’s the shot of the wall before I tore out all the old paneling.

Not exactly our dream wall.

We really wanted to do something impactful for the main wall, rather than just put plywood up and paint it white.  As it just so happened, I had about 40 feet worth of old weathered fence that would work perfectly for the job!

The boards are thicker than I would have liked, but the other option would have been to buy wood paneling.  As you may remember, we are doing this project on a tight budget so, obviously, we went with the free option!  Plus, real weathered wood just looks THAT much better!

I started off by selecting the boards that were the most straight, and I ran the first line of wood from front to back to make sure I had a nice straight line.  From there, I just kept adding each new layer until I made it to the floor, cutting out the door and windows holes as I went along.

The great part was, the wall equaled 20 boards high exactly so i didn’t have to worry about filling any weird gaps! That saved me a lot of potential work!

Such a better look than the 70’s wood paneling that was up before!

Once I had all the boards up, I realized just how dark they were!  (Not the best look for a small space! Darkness always makes a space look smaller!)  I did a little bit of test sanding on some smaller pieces, and thought the sanded boards looked much better in the small space!

So, I went through and did a little bit of sanding to lighten each board up a bit,  and to add a bit more contrast and warmth to the wood itself.  I may still go back and do a bit more sanding later, but I’m much happier with the over all look now!

Everything’s still pretty torn up, but I can already see it coming together. I also started working on our new counter top and I’m super excited to show you guys how that comes out on our next post!



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