One of the first projects that needed to be tackled on our 1973 Komfort Camper was the front door.  It was leaking somethin terrible, and once I took it apart, I immediately discovered the reason why! It was completely rotted from the inside out!

When thinking about the design for this particular project, I wanted to create something eye catching and one of a kind, but spend as little money as possible. Remember- our goal is to try and remain as debt free as possible while renovating this lovely Striped Stallion! I really want to salvage and reuse as many of the original parts as possible, and try to use mostly materials I already have on hand. Because I often create items from wood for our Etsy shop, I already have a large amount of barn wood that ended up being just what I needed for the job!

I started off by cutting the barn wood to the length needed for the width of the door.

I then framed the cut barn wood with a few 2x1s (obviously with Fox’s help!).

The next step was to cut out a space for the window. I contemplated the idea of actually doing a few small windows on the new door for a new look, but that would’ve involved buying new glass, (which may not have cost too much) but with all the other little expenses ahead, I decided to just re-use the old glass panel.

The next step was to coat the wood with an exterior sealant to protect it from the elements. I ended up doing three coats, and I’m glad I did, because it really made the wood grain pop!

At this point, I just had a bit of accessory work to complete! I had to fit the old outer aluminum trim back on the new door, put the old glass panel back in it’s new window frame, and drill a hole for our new knob. Creating the hole for the knob was very simple. I used the sheet metal from the old door as a guide to ensure that I drilled the new hole in the correct spot. Then I just popped the new handle in!

I was very gracious with the amount on silicone I used on the door.  I made sure it was not going to have ANY leaks! It still needs to be cleaned up a bit, but I’m saving the finishing glamorizing touches until I get closer to being done with the whole project!


I’m very happy with the way that it came out! Yes, it is heavier than a standard camper door, but the overall weight of the camper is not much of a concern for us, since we are not planning on moving it around too much, but using it as more of a tiny home situation for a limited amount of time! The Striped Stallion is looking better already!




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